“24/7 – Well equipped air conditioned Ambulance“
The ambulance service is an integral part of Emergency Medicine Department.
We have ambulances with the necessary facilities, like monitors, defibrillators, ventilators and continuous oxygen supply. A team of paramedics trained in providing Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support is available round the clock, they provide care at the scene of emergency and transport the patient to the hospital with at most care.
Ambulance services team includes:
Senior paramedic
Emergency care assistant
Call handler/emergency medical dispatcher
Well trained driver
The service can be utilised 24 x 7 through the Our Direct Help Line-NO: 0427-2200000

Coronary Care Unit
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide services for life-threatening diseases. Staffed with a highly-trained team, we strive to focus on quality care. Every effort is taken to provide close monitoring, and support from specialized medical expertise and latest technology in order to ensure faster recovery. The access to advanced medical resources can effectively treat medical emergencies such as Trauma, Sepsis, multiple organic failure, etc.

Our Hospital also has a dedicated Coronary Care Unit (CCU) for the care and management of patients suffering from acute heart attack and other cardiac emergencies.

This unit is managed with the uttermost dedication and compassion.

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Laboratory Services at VIMS Hospital have been established with a view to provide wide range of Laboratory investigations necessary for patient care. It consists of disciplines of Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology & Serology, Infectious Diseases, Histopathology. All these disciplines provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of biological materials such as blood, serum or plasma, tissue, urine, stool etc. to support clinicians in the practice of medicine.
The greatest emphasis has been given to ensure accuracy, precision, reproducibility and speedy reporting. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art ,fully automated biochemistry and hematology analyser .
To operate these sophisticated gadgets the laboratories have a team of efficient, motivated, knowledgeable and qualified doctors and technical staff who are constantly involved in producing world class results and upholding quality assurance. The laboratory at VIMS Hospital provide round the clock service.

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Operation Theater

We have well equipped operation theaters, we maintain high standard of discipline to minimize the incidence of infection and cross-infection. we have exclusive operation theater for cardiac surgeries which is situated close to Intensive Thoracic Unit. Separate operation theaters work round the clock to accommodate emergency and elective surgeries.
In order to determine patient safety, operation theater has been divided into zones as given bellow:
1. Protective Zone: The protective zone is the entrance area for patients, staff and supplies where normal hospital standards of cleanliness apply and where normal everyday clothes can be worn.
2. Clean Zone: In order to pass between the protective zone and the clean zone everything must undergo a system of transfer. This is the main area of the department and all patients, staff and supplies must be clean. A strict cleaning routine applies and everybody must undergo a complete changing routine to enter.
3. Aseptic Zone: The aseptic zone is the inner area where conditions are as near sterile as possible. It applies to two rooms in each suite: the theater and the theater supply room. All staff who might handle exposed instruments must be scrubbed and gowned.
4. Disposable Zone: In the disposable zone all exposed instruments (used or unused), pathological specimens, lotions, suction jars and soiled linen are passed from the theater to a disposal corridor and returned for cleaning, sterilizing or any other necessary process.
Well trained staff posted in shifts work round the clock to provide quality care to the patients.
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Pharmacy Service

We have dedicated 24/7 pharmacy services with qualified pharmacists round the clock monitoring accuracy of medicines dispensed.

We have separate teams to dispense medicines to inpatients and outpatients, which helps to serve the patients better and avoid any delay in treatment.

Dedicated teams of pharmacy personnel strictly adhere to the key performance indicators as per the national standards and norms and they ensure the medication safety and patient satisfaction all the time.

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Well planned and properly executed physical rehabilitation is one of the most important components of the overall treatment system adopted by us for the patients. Designed to suit different requirements of patients to attain maximum functional restoration and return them to a healthy active life-style.

VIMS Hospital incorporates evidence based practice in the rehabilitation of a range of musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiorespiratory, paediatric, sport related injuries & other complex problems. The process involves maximizing the functional potential of an individual with disease, dysfunction or injury & also facilitates health promotion, lifestyle modification& fitness training. Specially trained physiotherapists provide services at intensive care unit (surgical, medical & paediatric),and ITU (Intensive Thoracic Unit). Patient & family education being an integral component of the management process, a discharge counseling session is given to all our In patients. Patients with stroke and neurological deficits are taken care by special team of physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy Services

Knee Pain Physiotherapy

Back Pain Physiotherapy

Neck Pain Physiotherapy

Balance Rehabilitation

Stroke Physiotherapy

Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

Posture Correction

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Health Check Up

We have special offers for bulk corporate health check-up packages. You can opt for the health packages that suits best for your organization @ Image result for ₹999/- .

A regular Health Check is your foremost shield against a wide array of elements. Frequent health check ups carried out at periodic intervals helps to identify any impending risk and suggest preventive treatment for better quality health. VIMS Hospital provides varies packages for regular health check ups that are tailored to detect symptoms of a specific age group and /or of specific elements.

For easy convenience Contact health check up coordinator @ 0427-2200000

Get Free Our Direct Help Line-No : 0427-2200000


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Department of Radiology, Imaging & Intervention is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, having cutting edge technology for advanced imaging enabling diagnosis of complex medical conditions accurately.

All the following Radiology Services in the Hospital are available round the clock.

Portable X-Ray Machines

X-RAY machines

High end ultrasound machine

Portable ultrasound machine

high end C-Arm machine

CT Scan

Our expert team of Radiologists are skilled at multiple radiology techniques needed to diagnose a broad spectrum of medical conditions

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VIMS Hospital has a well dedicated dialysis unit with state of art dialysis machines and quailified personnel. Periodic cultures of the reverse osmosis water are performed to ensure good quality of water.

· Fully furnished and air conditioned surroundings
· Personal and Individual attention by Senior doctors and round-the-clock team members
· Strict adherence to medical protocol and hospital best practices
· There are dedicated machines and space for HBsAg and HCV positive patients

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Accident and Emergency

The Emergency department is a 12- bedded emergency that is dedicated to caring for the sick in their most vulnerable state of health. A high degree of patient privacy and comfort provides patients and families with a caring environment. Emergency department offers access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

At VIMS Hospital, Emergency Physicians are trained to manage all kinds of Emergencies, including Polytrauma, Cardiac and Medical Emergencies. Emergency Physicians are also trained in managing Paediatric Emergencies. They are assisted by well-trained emergency nurses and technicians.

As soon as a patient enters the department he/she is examined by a triage nurse and allotted to a zone depending on how serious he/she is. The very serious patients are immediately seen by a doctor. Patients with life threatening conditions or those with time critical conditions like heart attack, stroke or major accidents are managed in a separate dedicated zone called the Resuscitation Bay. The patients are shifted directly to this bay without having to wait and the doctors and nurses shall immediately get to assess and start interventions to stabilize the patient. It's here that the patients are put on ventilators, chest is compressed and shocks delivered in an attempt to start a heart that has stopped beating, broken limbs are splinted and bleeding controlled. Special venous lines are secured and medications to improve the heart's pumping and improve blood pressure are started.


The department of Cardiology provides complete and round–the–clock cardiac care. This includes both elective and emergency care provided by doctors of the highest quality supported by state of the art equipment. Apart from consultation for all kinds of Cardiac ailments and preventive cardiac measures, the unit provides comprehensive non–invasive as well as invasive services.

Manned by doctors with extensive and international experience, and excellent procedural skills this department provides the following services.

Outpatient consultation and Executive health checks


Coronary Angiography, Angioplasty and Stenting

Pacemaker Implantation


ASD Device/Coil Closure

VSD Device/Coil Closure

PDA closure

Peripheral angioplasty

ICD implantation

CRID implantation

Cardiovascular Surgery

This department has an excellent state of the art Cardiac Operation theatre that is equipped to successfully carry out routine and emergency, conventional as well as complex operations. The operations include: Coronary Artery Bypass grafting procedures including Off–Pump Valve replacement and repair surgery for faulty heart valves. Congenital heart surgeries: Surgery for the correction of cardiac birth defects in children. The facilities of the department include the latest, highly advanced and comprehensive monitoring systems that provide continuous and exhaustive information about the hemodynamic status (Blood pressure, Pulse, blood gas analysis, cardiac output values) of patients undergoing surgery.


VIMS Hospital’s super-specialty department which aims to provide world-class, evidence-based treatment for various Orthopaedic disorders and sports injuries. we combine our expertise in the areas of patient-care, clinical research, and academics in order to provide the highest level of specialized services to our patients offering the latest in orthopaedic treatments and surgical techniques. The centre perform complicated and advanced surgical procedures like joint preserving surgeries including cartilage transfers, knee resurfacing, arthroscopic ligament reconstructions, Spine Surgery joint replacement and complex fracture management.

Spine Surgery

This is a specialized clinic dedicated to the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of adult and pediatric spinal disorders. We provide a systematic approach that includes: efficient evaluation, focus on function and quality of life for patients along with the most effective treatment.

Using state of the art technology and facilities, we focus on providing the best and least invasive solution on a case by case basis.If you are suffering from spine related pain, or even are concerned about a nagging pain that has been around for years, we would be happy to see you and help restore function, and decrease pain.

The Spine surgery specialist at VIMS Hospital provide patients with the latest, most innovative, most effective non-surgical and surgical treatments available for patients with degenerative disease, spine deformity, spine tumor, infections and spinal cord injury.We provide individualised care and focus on educating patients about their neurological conditions and spine-related pain and treatment options.Innovative skills, extensive preparation and in-depth knowledge of anatomy and surgery, enables us to offer safe and effective treatment for a wide range of painful and debilitating conditions of the spine.


Oncology Department at VIMS Hospital provides patients suffering from cancer and blood disorders such anaemia, low platelets, bleeding & clotting disorders, sickle cell disease, and thalassemia with the most advanced and effective treatments Every cancer is different and so is every person. That is why, we offer a full range of treatments and support services tailored to suit a patient’s individual needs.

At VIMS Hospital, patients benefit by having a team of experts from various specialties working together to determine the best course of treatment, that is then delivered in a healing and compassionate environment.Our commitment to patient care ensures that the entire cancer treatment process is holistic, and focused on healing the whole person - body, mind and spirit.

General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery deals with a range of surgical ailments and emergencies. Well trained surgeons in our hospital deal with complex abdominal surgeries and trauma cases. Most abdominal surgeries are performed through laparoscopy (keyhole surgery). Backing this team of highly skilled surgeons are trained nurses and technicians and state-of-the-art operation theatres equipped with the latest technology. All surgical emergencies are first assessed in department of emergency and later operated if required. Well equipped HDU (High Dependency Units) and ICUs help in better post operative management.


The Department of Pediatrics offers childcare from birth until 18 years of age in friendly and safe environment. Our team of dedicated doctors and nurse are well aware that kids are not small adults and thus need special environment and care.

Our well-equipped modern and child friendly clinics offer a soothing and comfortable environment for treatment of a variety of acute and chronic illnesses of infancy, childhood and adolescence. The children are given vaccinations, assessed for their growth and development, and screened for any vision or hearing problems in addition to the provision of age-appropriate preventive guidance regarding nutrition, lifestyle and health maintenance issues.

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are equipped and staffed by the most experienced and highly qualified neonatologists and nurses who provide care to meet the needs of healthy and sick or premature newborn babies. The nurses and doctors communicate extensively with parents who are involved in the decision making at each and every step in their babies’ care.Highly qualified staff always assures that the tender care provided to our young in-house will be memorable.

Plastic Surgery & Cosmetology

For the people who are facing the need for reconstructive surgery due to a congenital condition, or as an after effect of surgery or trauma, the department of Plastic Surgery offers innovative treatments delivered with compassionate care. Whether you are seeking to address issues arising from cancer, traumatic head injuries or conditions such as cleft lip and palate, we have a specialist who can help improve function, mobility, appearance and overall quality of life. Our surgeons treat both adults and children. He is also specialize in the most advanced reconstructive transplant procedures.

The Emergency department is a 12- bedded emergency that is dedicated to caring for

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